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Mother’s Broth is a product I offer for free with the encapsulation process. It is, in short, the steaming water used to steam the placenta. So why would I save this and why do I offer it to moms? Because it is amazing.

Have you ever steamed broccoli? Most of you probably have. When you steam the broccoli a portion of the nutrients will transfer to the steaming water. This is one of the reasons vegatable broth,  chicken stock and other broths are so good for you and are often saved to make soups or water plants. The same is the case with the steaming water used to steam the placenta.


According to the Tradition Chinese Method of encapsulation the placenta must be steamed prior to drying. The steaming water is enriched with myrrh and ginger to strengthen the healing power of the placenta according to TCM. The encapsulation process usually takes place over a two day period and the mother often needs the nutrient dense capsules before they are complete. This is where the Mother’s Broth comes in. The placenta is steamed the first day so the broth, with all its nutrients from the placenta, can be ingested while the mom waits for her capsules to be complete.

The benefits of ingesting the Mother’s Broth are very similar to the benefits of the placenta capsules. Many women testify to more energy and better moods.  Some women will notice their milk comes in quickly following drinking the broth.

Like other broths Mother’s Broth is perishable and, when refrigerated, must be used within 3 days of steaming.  There are many options for ingesting the broth. Many women drink it hot right out of the 24 oz wide-mouth canning jar I leave it in. Others choose to disguise the flavor by adding the broth to chili, or beef stew. Some will add a little to their smoothies, coffee, tea, and even root beer without being able to taste it.

If the broth cannot be ingested within 3 days it can be frozen. I always leave behind an ice cube tray and encourage moms to freeze the leftover broth into cubes and then pop out the cubes into a freezer Ziploc bag. This way the mom can add a cube or two to a drink or food whenever she chooses.

If you are someone who prefers to only take the capsules and not the broth, no problem. Mother’s Broth also makes terrific plant food.

“I froze mine because I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it after my daughter’s birth. We made Chili with ours when my daughter was about 40 days old. The chili was awesome, and my husband and I were both in a great mood afterwards. We ended up cleaning the house after supper from all the energy we had.” -PBi client.


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