Mother of 3 Kristina

With the birth of our first little girl in 2013 we did encapsulation and I was pleased not having any “baby blues” as I need to stay focused and in present time consciousness with my patients. Then the birth of our boy/girl twins 12/14 I noticed a huge difference. I would be overwhelmed with them and still need to “be there” for our 19-20 mo toddler. The capsules helped me during those times and seemed to give me more energy to get things done and stay on task. Now that I am back at work, the twins are 8 weeks and I will still take the capsules if I need added energy or something to help with the stress of “doing it all”. I would HIGHLY recommend this process to anyone getting ready to give birth, and I would recommend Ariel Vickery SPECIFICALLY!! She is SO caring and respectful of you, your family and your home! THANK YOU Ariel!!


Mother of 1 Halie

I enjoyed taking the placenta pills. My son had a few health problems when he was born and was in the nicu. I was able to get the pills while he was in there and I believe it helped me deal with the situation better. I took the pills until they were gone. I made cubes out of the broth and would put it in soup. I had a wonderful experience with the placenta pills. I would recommend it to all my pregnant friends. Thanks!


Mother of 4 Tara

I thought long and hard about how to avoid post partum depression and the mood swings I had with my 3rd child. I had also gotten the baby blues with my first 2 kids. Baby number 4 was on her way, she was a wonderful surprise, but I was overwhelmed thinking how I would manage 4 kids and my job and the house and still be me. I’d had such a hard time with my 3rd baby. I cannot tell you how different this time was though due to the placenta pills. I truly feel they were a miracle that got me through the roughest first two months. I was not moody or overly emotional. I was myself. The pills improved my energy level, thus improving my mood. They kept me steady and consistent to my other kids (even through the holiday months). I wish is that I could take them forever. I now wish I’d have gotten the tincture. I would 1,000 times over recommend placenta encapsulation to everyone and I hope it is common by the time my daughters have kids someday. Thank you Ariel!


Mother of 2 Megan

After experiencing extreme postpartum depression after the birth of my first child, I was open to any and all suggestions of ways to alleviate it the second time around. A friend recommended the services of Ariel at Postpartum Peace, and I was eager to try this process. The placenta capsules saved me this time! I felt like a new woman-full of energy, positivity, and an extremely abundant milk supply! My son is currently 8 weeks old, and I have an entire freezer full of milk! Along with the placenta capsules, I use the mother’s broth in my coffee several times a week, and it renews my energy as well. I have already recommended Ariel and her services to several friends who are expecting. I wish I had known about this process the first time I was pregnant-I feel I would have had more time to really focus on my beautiful baby and those special moments you experience postpartum had I not been suffering from PPD. If you are considering placenta encapsulation, DO IT! Don’t hesitate-it will make you feel amazing, which will in turn make your baby feel amazing, too. Thank you, Ariel!


Mother of 3 Julie

After having a stillborn baby girl at 38weeks I was really nervous throughout my next pregnancy and was really worried about postpartum depression so I did a lot of research on placenta encapsulation. After having our baby boy I found that the placenta pills did help me not only with postpartum but it helped with my milk coming in and gave me a little more energy. I have recommended this to my pregnant friends and hope it becomes something other pregnant women look into doing.


Mother of 3 Heather

Overall, it was a great experience, [it was] nice to know I put back into my body what was lost during delivery, to some extent. It was nice to have the natural help that came straight from my body too. My whole family enjoyed the benefits of energy boosts from the broth cube I used in smoothies as well. I would definitely recommend this to others. 


Mother of 2 Samantha

I recommend this to anyone who has had issues with depression or is worried about it at all after a baby. With my first child I had really bad postpartum blue, but with my second one I had the placenta encapsulation that helped worlds. I couldn’t be the mom I wanted to be with my first one, and I knew it would happen again if i didn’t do anything to try to prevent it. so thank goodness that it didn’t happen because of your wonderful product.


Mother of 2 Ashley

Ariel was professional and efficient. I had capsules to take within 3 days of birth and recovery was ten times easier than after my first birth. I highly recommend the process of encapsulation and Ariel specifically.


Mother of 2 Jill

Getting my placenta encapsulated was one of the best things I did for myself after the birth of my daughter. I found out about this through my midwife. She suggested this due to me having a lot of ups and downs with my emotions during my pregnancy. Also, my husband and I lost our first born son at 32 weeks into the pregnancy. I contacted Ariel and she explained the benefits of having my placenta encapsulated and what I need to do after my daughters birth. I felt very comfortable after we spoke. Once she was born we placed the placenta in a zip-lock bag, put it in the fridge, and gave Ariel a call. The next day Ariel was at our house prepping my placenta. I just stayed in bed and nursed my newborn. When I went to check on Ariel, she was almost finished. She was cleaning my kitchen (which was spotless when she left). The day after that she came back and finished the job while I took a nap. She gave me clear instructions on how to take the pills and how they work. Plus, she left instructions on my fridge (which I needed with new mommy brain).

My husband and I both saw the benefits. I was joyful about life. I had energy that I hadn’t had with my last two babies. My bleeding was better than before. I had clearer thoughts. I was journaling (which I don’t do often).

My husband and I could tell when I hadn’t taken them. I actually had to stop for a few days do to a bladder infection. When I wasn’t taking the pills I was weepy and whiny. I was more tired and having difficultly with dealing with my toddler. Also, I was feeling some sad emotions that I had remembered feeling with my last two babies. My daughter is 2 months now and I will occasionally take a pill to bust my mood, energy, or feelings. I only wish I had more left! I would 100 percent have this done again! It’s too bad there’s not a way to make more when I’m all out, without having to have another child.


Mother of 2 Deanna

It had been 5 days since the birth of my son and my milk still had not come in. Within 4 hours of drinking the Mother’s Broth my milk came in. It was such a relief! It has been such a blessing to not have to deal with the hormonal emotion rollercoaster that generally comes along with having a baby. Now, I can just sit back and enjoy my son, tear free. Ariel was extremely professional and sanitary. Two of my friends have already hired her after hearing how much she was able to help me.


Mother of 5 Bunny

Like most, when I first heard about placenta encapsulation I was pretty grossed out. My husband was sick to his stomach thinking about it. But the more we read, the more we realized what a God-given gift the placenta is – for baby in utero and for mama after the birth. I didn’t have a real strong reaction after taking the pills like some people do, but I noticed, as did my husband, that my mood was far better than it had been after the births of my previous four babies, and my energy level was much better/higher than in the past too. I’ve also had trouble keeping up my milk supply around 5 months postpartum in the past. I have yet to see if the placenta capsules will help with that , but since that is one of the “advertised” benefits I am hoping to see that come too pass. I would highly recommend P.E. to anyone who has had PPD or even noticeable mood swings, for sure. One of the things I like best about the capsules is that there are no negative side-effects. I also like that they can be frozen indefinitely. I hope I will still have some to use when menopause hits. All-in-all I am very satisfied, and my husband is thrilled to have a happy, energetic wife so soon after birth.


Mother of 1 Stephanie

I was a little bit on the fence with doing the encapsulation but after doing some research, I really wanted to try it and I’m really glad I did. I figured what’s the worse case scenario, I don’t like it after all and I don’t take them. Ariel did a great job and worked with me and answered any questions or concerns I had, we even had to change locations for the encapsulation because my mother was going to be at my house and I had mentioned it to her in passing and she was dead set against it and not supportive about it. I had an amazing friend who opened up their kitchen to me! Ariel was great to work with and got everything done in a timely manner and left my friend’s kitchen spotless! My friend really enjoyed documenting and watching the whole process.

The pills were ready for me when I came home from the hospital and I started taking them that night. My milk didn’t come in right away in the hospital (latching on difficulties) and the next day after taking the pills, I had no problems producing milk! I definitely felt like I had more energy and it really helped with those early days of hardly any sleep. I did get mastitis the next week, so I wasn’t able to take the pills for a week and I felt a difference with my energy levels as well as my hormones and how I was feeling. My husband even asked when was I done with my antibiotics so I could continue taking the pills, they definitely helped with my hormones and the weepiness and with the postpartum bleeding. I still have some pills in my fridge and I will take one here and there if I need a pick me up. I will definitely be doing this for the next child. Hopefully, the next time I will be able to take them continuously with no breaks. My husband likes to show off the umbilical cord keepsake, well to people who we know wouldn’t get grossed out.


Mother of 1 Casey

I decided to try placenta encapsulation based on a recommendation from a friend who had good results with the process. I researched several encapsulation specialists but it didn’t take me long to select Ariel based on her expertise, professionalism and own experiences with the benefits of encapsulation.

Having not had children before, I never have experienced postpartum depression. However, I know from others that it can be a very tough condition. I know that I wanted to spend the first few months of my new daughter’s life in good spirits, so I thought that there was nothing to lose by encapsulation. I have noticed that I feel more energized and generally have a better outlook on things after taking the pills. I encourage all moms – whether first time or seasoned – to try encapsulation, regardless of how weird it seems.


Mother of 3 Michelle

I was pregnant with my third child when Ariel approached me about the idea of encapsulating my placenta. Placenta encapsulation. The first time you hear it, you think in your head “what is this!?” I was extremely skeptical when I was told about placenta encapsulation. I thought no way, no how am I going to do that. It is gross and I can’t even imagine forcing myself to take the pills.

Over the course of about four months Ariel talked to me weekly about benefits of doing this. She sent me links to look at and studies that showed the benefits. I had two children thus far and my postpartum depression was off the scale. I was so far gone after my pregnancies it is a wonder that I ever got back up. I hated my life, what this child did to it, what this had done to my marriage; everything. I loved my babies, but couldn’t stand to be around them at the same time. Ariel told me that taking the pills would help to almost cure my depression. After she said that, I was sold. I knew that I didn’t want to go through another child growing up and not being there because I had “checked out”.

I had my daughter on a Monday. Ariel met my husband at our home to do the encapsulation process. She finished it up and gave them to my husband so I could start taking them right away. Within 30 minutes of taking my first dose I could tell that my mood had drastically improved. I was smiling and happy. I wanted to hold my baby, and be close to her. I was so relieved I remember crying because I knew this was a game changer. I adamantly took my pills until they were gone. I used them over the entire year after my daughter was born. If I felt down, I took an extra pill. I noticed within 30 minutes, if not sooner, the changes that were taking place. I felt amazing and was grateful that Ariel had introduced this to me.

I sincerely hope that anyone who is pregnant really thinks about doing this. Even if you don’t have depression, it will help you to recover faster. You will have more energy, which is something we all need with newborns. Take the time to do some research if you aren’t sure, but I guarantee it is worth it to investigate.


Mother of 2 Whitney

I had heard of placenta encapsulation from a friend, and decided if it worked for her, I was going to try it. While I think my birth experience was overall better this time around I can’t deny that the pills and Mother’s Broth helped me recover through my postpartum time better than my first experience without! I did have to stop taking them when I was getting sick a few times, but I definitely noticed a mood and energy boost on days when I was feeling overwhelmed and the postpartum depression was hitting hard.

I will definitely be doing this again and would recommend all women do it! The Mother’s Broth seemed to do more for me that the pills. I would put an ice cube into my coffee in the morning and it would taste fine and work well.


Mother of 1 Jenyfer

Do it. Yeah, it seems a little odd at first, and there will probably be at least one person you know who thinks your crazy, but I cannot stress strongly enough how much placenta encapsulation and ingestion can change your life as a mother. Just do it, you’ll thank yourself later, I promise.

In my particular case I wound up leaving for the hospital in the middle of my day, dishes on the sink, laundry set out to do. My husband was a few states away working and I was alone, or I’d have made him stay to do the dishes. Since I had contacted Ariel about encapsulating my placenta in my kitchen, I was horribly embarrassed about the mess, but I had nothing to worry about. Ariel was wonderfully understanding, and even loaded my few dishes into the dishwasher for me. Everything was clean, neat, tidy and in its proper place after she was done.

My mother (in my life, the family member who thought I was crazy for even considering placenta encapsulation) met her at my house and sat with her during the whole process (humoring the new mother she said). I must say Ariel made a believer out of my mother, who was more than somewhat skeptical of the whole process. Ariel explained each step as she preformed it, and was willing to answer all of her questions, which really helped my mother get comfortable with the whole process. It was nice to have her wholly supporting what I wanted to do, instead of looking at me like she thought the hormones had taken control and wondering when I would come to my senses.

Ariel even saved the broth from the encapsulation process and told us to use it in my fruit smoothies in the first day after we came home from the hospital. I noticed an immediate difference, I felt less drained, more energized, yet calm. I took the placenta pills at the same time for double impact, and continued taking the pills after the broth ran out, and I’m convinced it helped me recoup much faster. I stopped bleeding inside a month and had the energy to keep up with my little boy on my own, since my husband was out of town working several states away. I definitely could tell those first few weeks if I forgot to take my pills, I would start to feel worn out and weepy. Baby blues run pretty strongly in my family and I was terrified of falling into a depression. I never did. Based on my experience when I forgot to take the pills in the early weeks, how drained I felt, like doing anything other than sleeping and feeding the baby was beyond me, and the immediate positive effect the pills had on my mood and energy levels as soon as i took them, I believe that placenta encapsulation has really helped, and allowed me to enjoy my son’s first months so much more.

After a few weeks, I felt well enough that I could stop taking them, and I still have several left over. My son is 5 months old now, the light of my life and a bundle of energy. Every now and then I have a rough day or hard night, and I will take two and feel better within ten minutes or so. I cannot tell you how strongly I believe this has changed my entire experience with my son, I will do this with all of my future children, no exceptions.


Mother of 3 Phoebe

I think every woman should be encouraged to use her own placenta. Encapsulation removes the “ick” factor and has shown me immediate benefits. With my previous two sons I had extreme hot flashes and copious sweating in the first postpartum weeks. The capsules put a stop to this instantly.

With my second son I had hormone-related migraines that did not respond to typical remedies, lasted 2-3 day and persisted, weekly, the entire 21 months I was breastfeeding. I have been able to stop and relieve these migraines within an hour of taking a capsule.

The broth and capsules both immediately increase my milk supply and, at four weeks postpartum, have already been using them as need due to how engorged I became when taking it regularly. This is another great benefit for me, as I experiences a big decrease in supply after returning to work with my second and had to use a prescription to restore my supply.

I am preaching encapsulation everywhere I go!


Mother of 2 Sara

When I first heard about placenta encapsulation I was intrigued, but wasn’t sure that it was for me. It was about 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child when I went to see my chiropractor/doula and she asked me if I was going to encapsulate my placenta. I told her I was interested, but just wasn’t sure, to which she responded with an adamant “Do it!”. I did a little research at that point and decided that this was something that was really important to me to have done.

My mom was at the house while Ariel was working to encapsulate my placenta. She told me what a neat process it was. When I came home, my kitchen was nice and clean, and I couldn’t tell anyone had even been in there working.

When I had my first child, I was thrilled to finally be a mom, but I did have slight “baby blues”. I liken the feeling to the “blah” feeling many people get after being cooped up during the winter. Unfortunately, at that time I had no idea about placenta encapsulation, or I am confident that I would never have experienced any blues at all. After our second child was born my husband and I really marveled at how easy the transition was. I began taking the placenta pills when she was less than 24 hours old. I truly believe that having placenta pills is what made that transition from one child to two so easy! It has been an awesome experience to just have the opportunity to enjoy my children without early postpartum “blah” feeling getting in the way!

Without a doubt I would ABSOLUTELY recommend that every woman have her placenta encapsulated. I think we’d see many happier mamas and babies, especially in those early postpartum days that are so important and precious.

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