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Placenta encapsulation is a safe, natural and easy way to have a healthy, and happy, postpartum but, as with all vitamin and herbal supplements, there can be some adverse effects.

These adverse effects are easily remedied and are usually not a problem.

Some negative responses to placenta capsules are as followed:

Hyper, or too “amped” up – Placenta capsules are meant to increase your energy level. That’s one of the perks! But there are some women that experience too much energy and describe it as feeling very “amped” like a caffeine high which can lead to insomnia at night. This especially may be the case if you are more sensitive to energy boosting products such as caffeine.
Remedy – The great thing about placenta capsules is you can take them when you need them. If you are feeling an overwhelming surge of energy decrease your dosage. If you are experience insomnia do not take your capsules late in the evening. If you know you are especially sensitive to energy inducing products such as caffeine start out with one capsule to see how it effects you. I personally recommend to stop taking any capsules after 8pm. Because placenta capsules effect each women differently, how much and how often they are taken will also be different. By finding the right dosage you should not experience this problem.

Engorgement – Painful swelling of the breasts due to excess milk supply can be an adverse effect of placenta capsules. One of the benefits of placenta capsules is increased milk supply but if you are taking the capsules at times when your baby is unable to empty your breasts or milk or your baby is not eating as much as you are producing you will have an excess which can lead to engorgement.
Remedy – This again is all about dosage and timing. I advise not to take capsules right before going to bed as most babies eat less often through out the night which will lead to engorgement. If you know that you will not be nursing for a extended number of hours do not take your capsules right before unless you plan to pump the excess. If you are producing more than your baby needs, lowering your dosage and time between capsules may help.

Note: Even though excess milk supply can be remedied by changing the dosage and timing of your placenta capsules please remember that there are many women out there who can not breastfeed and their babies need human breast milk. There are also human milk banks around the world who accept donated breast milk. Your milk may be used to help feed and heal NICU babies  If you have an oversupply of milk please consider donating your milk.

Headache – the placenta capsules increase milk production and supply which requires better hydration than if not breastfeeding or taking capsules. These headaches are most likely caused by dehydration from increased milk production.
Remedy – While taking placenta capsules make sure you are well hydrated. If you notice a headache after taking the capsules increase your fluids and decrease any diuretics (such as tea and coffee).

The “Burps” – some women complain of getting “the burps” accompanied by an unpleasant taste. Many supplements, including placenta capsules, tend to slightly irritate the stomach. This is due to the stomach requiring more resources to break down the capsule. When we eat food we have already begun the digestive process by chewing and salivating. When we take capsules the stomach has to do a larger part of the digesting and causes mild irritation which leads to burping.
Remedy – By taking the capsules with food it will decrease the irritation caused to the stomach. Yogurt, bananas, and milk (I prefer almond or coconut milk) are great to take with the capsules and decrease irritability. Also, freezing the capsules may prevent the capsule from beginning to break down in your esophagus which will decrease any funny aftertaste.

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