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Persuading Moms to Make a Smart Choice

Okay, not a lot of people share my beliefs when it comes to birth and health. It’s true, a lot of people think I’m crazy.

In fact, I was in a mom’s group today and a lady at my table had just had a baby. It was her second cesarean. Because her first baby was a emergency C-section her doctors said she must have a C-section for this baby too. Has the medical world forgotten about VBAC? Anyway, birth stories began to circle the table. When it came around to me I mentioned that I’d had a natural birth. Faces of shock surrounded me. Then I mentioned I’d had a home birth. By now I’m used to the “You’re CRAZY!” look.

Which brings me to my point: it is so difficult to convince soon-to-be mothers how invaluable (and NOT crazy) placenta encapsulation is.

When I was pregnant with my daughter my midwife suggested placenta encapsulation. I said no with a very disgusted look on my face. I know how she feels now. I rejected the idea because at the time that was crazy. Giving birth on my bedroom floor: totally logical but ingesting my placenta in any way was just weird and totally out there.

I have seen first hand what placenta capsules can do for new moms. It is incredible and it doesn’t matter if you have a hospital birth, if it was all natural, if you got an epidural, if you had a C-section. Every new mom deserves to have a healthy postpartum. There are so few resources out there for baby blues and other post natal mental illnesses and placenta encapsulation is right in front of us all!

Many times when I approach a pregnant mom to suggest placenta encapsulation I get the “You’re crazy” look. Most women have never even heard of placenta encapsulation before¬†so it comes off as a radical, hippie idea. I spend a large amount of time trying to persuade the soon-to-be mom how she should make placenta encapsulation a priority until I am eventually begging her.

I never have to try to convince a mom that it works once she begins taking the capsules. I don’t need to, the capsules do it for me.

I truly think for the betterment of all moms, placenta encapsulation should be as strongly pushed into our society as prenatal vitamins. A healthy postpartum doesn’t just impact the mother. It effects the baby and the whole family.

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