Sterilization and Cleaning Process

Due to the nature of the Placenta Encapsulation field it is the upmost importance that Postpartum Peace and its Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists follow strict and thorough cleaning and sanitation procedures to eliminate the risk to the clients.

We follow the standards of the EPA, CDC, and OSHA for food handling and blood borne pathogen prevention. We carry and maintain a food handler’s permits as private chefs. We also take a yearly course on blood borne pathogens training and sanitation.

All of our equipment used prior and during steaming process (the equipment that is exposed to blood) is stainless steel or glass as plastic absorbs blood material. The bowl used to clean the placenta in is filled with 10% bleach after removing the placenta and is allowed to sit for 10 minutes. The contents of the bowl which is water and blood are then disposed down a toilet which is the proper standards of OSHA. After which the bowl is washed with sanitizing dish soap and it is soaked in a 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes. This process is repeated for the steaming pot, the glass measuring cup, the strainer (for making the broth), the spatula, and the knife. After the dishes have been sanitized they are dried and put back into the storage container. At home, the dishes are ran through the dishwasher, without any other dishes and with sanitizing dishwashing liquid prior to repacking them into the sanitized container.

All other material used during the process is disposed at the client’s home in a separate trash bag. This includes the cutting board, wax paper used to cover your counters, gloves, apron, face mask, paper towels, and the container the placenta was stored (unless it is glass or stainless steel which will then be sanitized and left behind for the client). The disposed material is bagged up and put in the outside (or garage) receptacle. Any material that touches blood are disposed of in a red biohazard bag. All of the counters and sink following the work are cleaned with a sanitizing cleaner and then sprayed with a 10% bleach solution and let to set for 10 minutes before being wiped off. The towels and drying mat used are run through the specialist’s washer alone on a sanitizing cycle with enzyme based laundry detergent and bleach. The broth and capsule jars are sanitized prior to coming to the client’s home with boiling water. They are all stored in a sterilized container in the specialist’s home.

Each specialist has an area designated in their home specifically for the encapsulation material that is separated. Meaning, no materials used in the encapsulation process are ever used in the specialist own home. The material is all kept in sealed containers to maintain a clean environment. The capsules are organic vegetarian food grade and stored in sterilized glass jars. The dehydration process is at a temperature that is safe for food preparation but at a low enough temperature and time that it does not damage the nutritional value of the placenta. The dehydrator itself, and the materials used to capsule the placenta (magic bullet container, 3 bowls, and capsule machine) never come in contact with blood as the placenta is steamed prior to dehydrating and placed on parchment paper while dehydrating. The steaming process prior to dehydrating also greatly reducing bacteria growth during the dehydration period. The dehydrator trays and all other materials are all sanitized in the same way as discussed above.

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