Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta’s hormonal make‐up is completely unique to the mother. No prescription, vitamin or herbal supplement can do what one placenta pill can. During pregnancy the placenta takes over hormone production for the body. By the end of the pregnancy the placenta is creating more than three times the amount of pre‐pregnancy hormone production. After the birth it takes some time, usually 6 to 8 weeks but sometimes up to a year, for the body to properly take over the productions of hormones again. By ingesting the placenta you are, in theory, replacing the hormones and nutrients lost during the birth and helping the body to be balanced while recovering from pregnancy and birth. Each woman’s placenta is unique to her hormonal make‐up. Also the first born male placenta is the most enriched.

Benefits for Mom

  • Decrease in baby blues, postpartum depression and other postpartum illnesses
  • Increase and enrich breast milk
  • Increase in energy
  • Decrease in postpartum bleeding
  • Decrease iron deficiency
  • Decrease insomnia or sleep disorders
  • Aids in quick postpartum healing
  • Increases mother/baby bond


Benefits for Baby

By simply breastfeeding while taking the capsules the baby can receive benefits as well! If the mother is taking the capsules regularly the baby may experience a stronger immune system as well as the same benefits the mother receives which are listed above. If the mother is unable to breastfeed please read below and contact me to discuss how the baby can receive benefits of placenta capsules. Mother and baby shared the placenta and should share the benefits too!

Other Uses for Placenta Capsules

  • Stressful Transition: If the mother returns to work following the birth taking some addition placenta capsules will help ease some of the stress related to the event. This will also help her maintain milk production while pumping. Any time the mother is feeling particularly stressed or fatigued taking addition capsules can help.
  • For Infants and Children: Placenta capsules can also be given to children who are in need of stress relief. Examples of this would be a move, first day of school, or separation from the parents. Infants can be given placenta powder during stressful events as well. Open the capsules and place some powder on the inside of the infants lip or use a placenta tincture. One dropper full needs to be diluted in an 8oz glass of water and then 4‐10 drops under the infants tongue. When the infant begins eating pureed food, the powder from one capsule can be mixed daily with the food.
  • Topically: Dried placenta is great for treating skin issues such as eczema, dryness or irritation. Open a capsule and mix the placenta into a small amount of pure natural oil or a mild natural baby lotion and apply directly to the skin or use placenta balm prepared by the placenta encapsulation specialist. It clears up the redness quickly.
  • Menopause: Placenta capsules are great for hormone replacement during menopause. If mom wants to save some capsules for menopause store them in the freezer. Make sure they are clearly labeled and recognizable so as not to get thrown away. Adding a moisture absorbing packet to the capsules for long term storage is very helpful in maintaining their integrity.
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