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Through out my time as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist I have met many expecting moms that want to cloth diaper their new little ones.  After cloth diapering two of my own I thought I’d share what it really takes to go the green diaper route.

Using cloth diapers can have a lot of benefits. Besides the huge impact it can make on the environment, it can also save you a load of money over time. But what I didn’t know was what I needed to get started.

It’s no lie, getting started cloth diapering is the most difficult (and expensive) part especially when you are not familiar with the cloth diapering world. Below I made a list of what I think a parent needs to start their baby on cloth diapers. Below the list are explanations regarding some of the items in the list.

The Cloth Diaper Getting Started List
  • I also recommend 5-10 set of nursing pads for breast feeding moms.
How Many Cloth Diapers and Wipes do I Need?
How many cloth diapers you need depends on how often you want to wash them and how long it takes for them to wash and dry. A newborn baby goes through about 8-12 diapers a day and toddlers use around 5-6 a day. Diapers must be washed at least every other day. When I wash my diapers I usually am a bit leisurely about it. I put them in the washer to soak first thing in the morning on the third day. Then after they wash and double rinse I put them on the line to dry. Often I leave them on the line sometime longer than they need to dry so they can sun bleach. In the evening I take them off the line and stuff them with inserts before putting them away. I need at least 3 days worth of diapers to compensate for washing every other day and my long wash/dry cycle. The same goes for wipes.
What Kind of Cloth Diapers Should I Get?
There are a lot of different types of diapers out there. To save time I’m only going to talk about the two main types of cloth diapers: One Size and Fitted. It doesn’t really matter if you choose to do prefolds, pocket or no pocket inserts (I really prefer the pocket diapers though) the outside shell will tend to be One Size or Fitted note . The great thing about Fitted diapers is that it tends to be a much better fit for small babies which means less bulk in the behind and, with some brands, less leaks. Another positive note is that because these diapers are worn less they can usually be saved for another baby or exchanged for a different size at a used diaper swap. They usually come with inserts already so there is no additional cost there. (I do recommend buying a few extra inserts for double stuffing at night or when your inserts aren’t dry yet but the diapers are and you need a diaper.) The down side to the Fitted diapers is you will need to buy a whole new set when the baby out grows the size.
The One Size (my absolute favorite is the Rumparooz One Size with double gussets) diapers can be adjusted from small to med or large (or even extra large). You can have the same set of diapers from birth (8lbs) to potty training (less than 40lbs). They come with inserts as well and have good leak protection no matter the size of the baby (8-40lbs). They do tend to be a bit bulky on babies 0-3 months. Their lifespan is about 2 years of daily use so this would not be a diaper you could save for other babies down the road. They run a few dollars more than the Fitted diaper.
Note: Fitted Diaper Covers and One-Size Diaper Covers are meant to be used with prefolds or inserts that can be directly against the babies bottom (i.e. the gdiaper). The difference between the pocket diaper and the cover-prefold/insert method is you will need to buy your prefolds/insert separately. I am not a fan of prefolds and only use them if it is my last option. Putting on a prefold doubles changing time. It is nice to be able to switch out the prefold/insert a few times without changing the cover. Diaper Covers run a few dollars cheaper than other diapers and overall is the cheaper, but less convenient, option.
If you are new to cloth diapering and you don’t know your favorite I recommend getting a few of each kind of diaper so you’ll have experience with each and know if the future which you prefer. The number of diapers you get is based on your wash cycle preference.
Why Do I Need 2 Pail Liners and Wet Bags?
They will need to be washed and when they are being washed what are you going to use? Going somewhere without a wet bag can result in a very messy situation. And no one wants to scrub poo out of the bottom of a pail every other day. You really only need 1 of each but it is so much more convenient to have 2.

What Essential Oils Do I Need for My Wipe Solution?

I personally recommend Lavender, Tea Tree (Melalueca), Rosemary and Geranium. This specific blend of essential oils are meant to help with diaper rash and sooth the skin. At the very least I recommend lavender. Visit for more information on essential oils.
Why Do I Need a Diaper Sprayer?A diaper sprayer is basically a kitchen sink sprayer hooked to your toilet. You can put one together yourself with a kitchen sprayer or buy one preassembled. You need one because sometimes you can’t get all of that poop into the toilet before washing without getting down and dirty. There are a lot of people that do cloth diapers without a sprayer and have no complaints. I am not one of those people. A diaper sprayer is very convenient and I’m all about making cloth diapering as easy as possible. Babies that are strictly breast fed do not need their messy diapers sprayed. Breast milk poop dissolves and can go through the washer. As babies get older their “messes” tend to have more form and can be dropped into the toilet. (Am I really blogging about this?) It is the times that it is not formed that you will be so thankful for a diaper sprayer.

 If you have any questions about Getting Started or anything in the post please send me an e-mail or leave a comment. You can also follow the links above to other posts about the products.
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